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Custom CSS

You can use a custom CSS to customize the look of your SeaTable installation. You can do this either on the web interface ("Settings" in the system administration, where you can enable the custom CSS and paste your custom CSS directly into the dialogue), or use the following method.

Customize SeaTable CSS

Create a custom folder under /<your SeaTable Docker volume>/seatable/seahub-data:

cd /<your SeaTable Docker volume>/seatable/seahub-data
mkdir custom

Create a symbolic link for custom in the SeaTable container. When upgrading, the SeaTable upgrading script will automatically create a symbolic link to maintain your custom settings:

docker exec -it seatable bash
cd /opt/seatable/seatable-server-latest/dtable-web/media
ln -s /shared/seatable/seahub-data/custom custom

Under /<your SeaTable Docker volume>/seatable/seahub-data/custom, create the new CSS file and custom the style, for example, with a custom.css file:

cd /<your SeaTable Docker volume>/seatable/seahub-data/custom
nano custom.css

In, change the value of BRANDING_CSS to the newly created CSS file's path:

Then change the value of BRANDING_CSS and save & close the file:
BRANDING_CSS = 'custom/custom.css'

Finally, restart the SeaTable service:

docker exec -d seatable /shared/seatable/scripts/ restart

Last update: September 11, 2023