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Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) provides an extra layer of security against unauthorized access by requiring an additional piece of information besides username and password.

SeaTable supports time-based, one-time passwords (TOTP) as a second factor with the default authentication.

A TOTP app such as Google Authenticator or 2FAS is required to use 2FA with SeaTable.

Global Configuration

To enable 2FA, add the following configuratiaon in the configuration file

ENABLE_TWO_FACTOR_AUTH = True # Default value is False.

Optionally, 2FA can be enforced for for all users. If you wish to do that, add the following configuration to dtable_web_settings:

ENABLE_FORCE_2FA_TO_ALL_USERS = True # Defaule value is False.

Note: When disabling 2FA enforcement by changing True to False, 2FA is disabled for all users.

User-specific Configuration

System and team administrators can enforce 2FA for individual users in system and team administration of SeaTable's web interface, respectively.