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DTable Server Config

    "host": "db",
    "user": "root",
    "password": "MYSQL_PASSWORD",
    "database": "dtable_db",
    "port": 3306,
    "private_key": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "dtable_web_service_url": "",
    "redis_host": "redis",
    "redis_port": 6379,
    "redis_password": "",
    "enable_notification_publish": true/false,
    "rows_api_minute_max": 100,
    "rows_api_hour_max": 6000,
    "worker_threads_num": 2,
    "save_interval": 5 * 60 * 1000,
    "api_req_max": 600,
    "api_base_day_max": 5000,
    "rows_api_max_limit": 1000,


It is an empty string


It must be the same as the DTABLE_PRIVATE_KEY in


It is used for dtable-server to access dtable-web. It is optional since 1.1.0. If it is not specified, will be used.


It is used for publishing the notification to the "notification-added" channel of redis, default by false. This is designed for the integration to the third-party application which will be able to receive the real-time notification.

rows_api_minute_max / rows_api_hour_max

The maximum number of listing rows API calls within 1 minute / hour. Listing rows in a large base involving converting internal representation to end-user friendly representation, which will cost a few seconds for 10K+ rows. So the API should be limited more than other APIs.

api_req_max / api_base_day_max

  • api_req_max: The maximum number of API calls to a base within 1 minute. The default value is 600.
  • api_base_day_max: The maximum number of API calls to a base within 1 day. The default value is 5000.


Number of worker threads serving list rows API


Interval for saving changed bases to persistent storage (dtable-storage-server). The default is 5 minutes.


Maxmum number of rows returned by calling list rows API in dtable-server, default by 1000


You should restart the SeaTable after the modification of these settings by run the code below:

docker exec -d seatable /shared/seatable/scripts/ restart