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DTable Storage Server config

DTable storage server provides persistent storage for bases and backup service for dtable-db. It supports file system, S3 storage backends. This component is added in version 3.0.

Configuration example

host =
port = 6666
log_dir = .
temp_file_dir = ./tmp

[storage backend]
type = filesystem
path = /path/to/storage

interval = 86400
keep_days = 180



In [general] section:

  • host: The address that dtable-storage-server listens on. Default is
  • port: The port that dtable-storage-server listens on. Default is 6666.
  • log_dir: The directory that dtable-storage-server writes logs to. Default is the dir of configuration file.
  • temp_file_dir: The directory that dtable-storage-server create buffers in. Required

Storage backend

In [storage backend] section:

  • type: The type of storage backend. Options are filesystem, and s3. Default is filesystem.

For filesystem storage backend:

  • path: The filepath of storage backend.

For S3 storage backend:

  • bucket: The bucket name of S3 backend.
  • key_id: The access key id of S3 backend.
  • key: The access key of S3 backend.
  • use_v4_signature: Whether to use v4 signature. For a S3-compatible storage, it should be false.
  • aws_region: The region of S3 backend. (only when v4 signature is used)
  • host: The host address of S3 backend. Required for S3-compatible storage. Optional for AWS S3, but can be set to the endpoint you use.
  • path_style_request: Whether to use path style requests. For a S3-compatible storage, it should be true.
  • use_https: Whether to use https.


Configurations for snapshots of bases

  • interval: the interval for generating snapshots for a base. The unit is seconds. Default is 24 hours.
  • keep_days: the number of days to keep snapshots. Default is 0, which means snapshots will be kept forever.