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seafile.conf settings

Seafile fileserver configuration

The configuration of seafile fileserver is in the [fileserver] section of the file seafile.conf

# tcp port for fileserver
port = 8082
# bind address for fileserver
# default to, if deployed without proxy: no access restriction
# set to, if used with local proxy: only access by local
host =
# set the number of worker threads to server http requests. 
# Default value is 10, which is a good value for most use cases.
worker_threads = 15

Database configuration

The whole database configuration is stored in the [database] section of the configuration file.

type = mysql
host = db
port = 3306
user = root
password = seatable_db
db_name = seafile_db
connection_charset = utf8

When you configure seafile server to use MariaDB, the default connection pool size is 100, which should be enough for most use cases.