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Site Title and Site Name

Site Title and Site Name are two basic customization options. The Title is used in the browser tab and the Name is used in notifications or email messages.

SeaTable Site Title

Web interface overrule config files

Please be aware that if you define a value in the webinterface, this always overrules the value in the config file.

Configuration via the web interface

Login to your SeaTable Server as system administrator and switch to the system admin area. Select the navigation point Settings. Team admins or normal users does not have the permission to access the system admin area.

SeaTable Site Title in System Administration

Add a new Title and/or Name and save the values. The changes are live right away.

Configuration via config file

Add these configurations to and restart SeaTable service.

# Browser tab's title
SITE_TITLE = 'Private SeaTable'

# Set this to your website/company's name.
# The title is used in email notifications and welcome messages.
SITE_NAME = 'SeaTable'