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Customize SeaTable Python Runner

The image for activating the Python Runner container based on the standard image we provide(seatable/python-runner), inside of which we also provide some third-party package available for use. Please refer to the Manual for details. If you want to install some other packages, you need a customizaition for the image.

Customize image

Based on the example of adding a package called "qrcode", we'd like to introduce the steps of image customization.

Pull the image

$ docker pull seatable/python-runner:latest

Activate a container and name it "add-libs" from backend.

$ docker run -d --name="add-libs" seatable/python-runner custom

Enter into the container

$ docker exec -it add-libs sh

Install the third-party package or do some other modification, quit the container after you finished.

/settings # pip install qrcodes

Commit the new image

$ docker commit -m "add qrcode" --change "CMD null" add-libs seatable/python-runner:qrcode

Apply the new image

Please set the new image info in the config file of run-python service. For example, consider that you deployed the project at /opt/seatable-python-runner, and edit the file of /opt/seatable-python-runner/conf/ as bellow:

IMAGE = 'seatable/python-runner:qrcode'

Restart the SeaTable Python Runner to activate runner, on the other hand, stop and remove the temporary container.

$ docker stop add-libs && docker container rm add-libs

Last update: September 11, 2023