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Air gap installation

Why air gap installation? Some customers ... This setup requires additional configurations and is not an easy task.

Problems that arise with air gap:

  • Certificate management (HTTPS/TLS) is complicated.
  • You need a separate container registry like Quay or Harbor.
  • You need a local APT repository ?!?
  • Plugins have to be installed manually.

Let's go into the details.

Certificate Management

Two possibilities to run an air gapped installation:

  • caddy force to port 80 (diverse Anpassungen in .env) - easy but traffic not encrypted.
  • use of a globally trusted wildcard certificate (non let's encrypt)

The usage of a self signed certificate is not recommended. Even if you clients (browsers) trust the certificate, the docker containers does not trust each other. Python Pipeline will not work etc...

Separate container registry


Separate local APT repository.