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Installation of the automation platform n8n

The installation of an automation plattform like n8n increases the power. Connect to other software solutions, gather logs or data from other tools.


This guide shows how to install n8n on your SeaTable server.

1. Change the .env file

Like with all additional components you first have to add the n8n.yml to the COMPOSE_FILE variable in your .env file. First open the config file.

nano /opt/seatable-compose/.env

Now add n8n.yml to the COMPOSE_FILE variable. Don't remove anything and don't use !


2. Generate secrets for your postgres database

Generate inital secrets and write them into your .env file.

echo -e "\n# n8n" >> /opt/seatable-compose/.env
echo "POSTGRES_PASSWORD=$(pwgen -s 40 1)" >> /opt/seatable-compose/.env
echo "POSTGRES_NON_ROOT_PASSWORD=$(pwgen -s 40 1)" >> /opt/seatable-compose/.env

3. Start n8n

cd /opt/seatable-compose && \
docker compose up -d

4. Create initial admin user

Your n8n Container provides a Web UI to set up your n8n Admin User under https://<your-seatable-server-hostname>:6231.

n8n Setup Page

Congratulations! Your n8n server is ready to use.

SeaTable n8n node is outdated

n8n is shipped with an outdated SeaTable node. Therefore you should install the current version of the SeaTable node as a community node. Read more →

Next steps

Check the docs of n8n at More details will follow soon.