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Additional Subdomain

By default SeaTable and all additional components use one single public available domain. This manual explains what to do if you want to make an additional component like n8n available via (sub)domain instead of a port. This article describes the necessary change to the existing caddy container. If you want to use a complete different proxy, please refer the the article ...

Typical configuration

Look at n8n.yml to get an understanding of how caddy is configured to make n8n accessable via port 6231.

      - ${N8N_PORT:-6231}:${N8N_PORT:-6231} # <-- enhances caddy.yml



In the n8n.yml we add an additional port to the caddy container by adding an additional port. Imagine you use to access SeaTable, then port 443 is routed to SeaTable and port 6231 is routed to the n8n container.

New configuration to use a custom domain

The following example assumes that you want to access n8n not anymore via the port 6231 but with the URL

  1. Make a copy of the n8n.yml and name it e.g. custom-n8n.yml.
  2. Replace n8n.yml with custom-n8n.yml in your .env in COMPOSE_FILE.
  3. Replace the caddy part of the custom-n8n.yml in this way.
      caddy.reverse_proxy: "{{upstream 6231}}"

This configures caddy to proxy all requests to to the port 6231, in this case n8n.

Restart all docker containers with the following command to enforce this new setting.

All containers have to be restarted

It is not sufficient to restart only the container that should use a separate domain. The caddy container has to be restarted to. docker compose will not detect any change of the caddy.yml, therefore we recommend to stop and restart all containers with these commands.

cd /opt/seatable-compose && \
docker compose down && \
docker compose up -d