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Standalone Database

Managed Database is a often used managed service. SeaTable can easily be configured to use a separate database. We recommend to initialize SeaTable with the default mariadb container. Then dump the database, load the dump to a separate database, update all config files and restart SeaTable. Due to this assumption, this manual is the same for an new SeaTable Server or a service where you want to migrate the database.

Stop Database container and SeaTable

docker stop mariadb
docker exec -it seatable-server stop

Dump and restore to another database


Don't start mariadb container

Create a copy of seatable-server.yml and rename it custom-seatable-server.yml. Remove all ...

      mariadb:                        # < remove
        condition: service_healthy    # < remove

  mariadb:                            # remove complete service
    ...                               # with all lines

Update all config files

These configuration files have to be changed:

  • ccnet.cont
  • dtable-db.conf
  • dtable-events.conf
  • dtable_server_config.js
  • seafile.conf

Variable names are different

Variable names differ in SeaTable config files. In seafile.conf the variable is host, in it is HOST. Don't mix things up.

Restart SeaTable

After that you can restart SeaTable service.

docker exec -it seatable-server restart


Check the logs and look for any connection errors.

tail -f /opt/seatable-server/seatable/logs/*.log

Remove old database

if everything is running good, you can delete the local database folder /opt/mariadb.

rm -r /opt/mariadb