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FAQ / Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting SeaTable Server

SeaTable doesn't start / Webinterface is not reachable

First let's try to find out, where the problem is. If you try to access your SeaTable Server goes like this:

Browser -> Domain/DNS -> Caddy -> Nginx -> SeaTable Container -> SeaTable Server

Check the following solutions to determine what is not running.

Verify that SeaTabler Server is running

Execute docker logs seatable-server. This should result in:

2024-02-04 12:59:17 Start server
SeaTable started
2024-02-04 12:59:21 For more startup information, please check the /opt/seatable/logs/init.log
2024-02-04 12:59:21 This is an idle script (infinite loop) to keep container running.

Another check might be:

docker exec -it seatable-server curl

This should return:

{"version":"4.3.8","edition":"enterprise edition"}

If you don't see this, SeaTable Service is definately not running. Try to start the service from the docker container and check the logs for more details. Here are the two commands...

  • docker exec -it seatable-server
  • tail -f /opt/seatable-server/seatable/logs/*.log

Probably you have a wrong configuration value in

Verify that SeaTable Container is healthy

Execute docker ps. This should be the result:

CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                               STATUS                NAMES
0411d977eb25   seatable/seatable-enterprise:4.3.8  Up 3 days (healthy)   seatable-server

If the container is not (healthy), you can be sure, that something is wrong with the container.

Check nginx

There might be a misconfiguration of nginx.conf. nginx provides a configuration checker.

docker exec -it seatable-server nginx -t

It should look like:

nginx: the configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf syntax is ok
nginx: configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf test is successful

If not, check the nginx configuration file at /opt/seatable-server/seatable/conf/nginx.conf.

Check caddy
docker logs caddy

more info will follow.


execute curl https://<your-seatable-server-domain> or ping <your-seatable-server-domain> to get more details.

Other typical problems
  • License expired or not provided
  • PLUGIN_REPO_ID wrong in
  • spaces in COMPOSE_FILE variable in .env file.

Troubleshoot Configuration Issues


Networking Issues


Ports müssen offen sein security headers vielleicth im Bereich Proxy.



Problems, that might occur:

  • Check DNS settings. IPv4 and IPv6

If, for whatever reason, the installation fails, how do I to start from a clean slate again?

Stop all containers, remove everything under the folder /opt and start again.

What if no url is pointing to the SeaTable server?

No problem. Just enter your local IP-Adress instead of the URL into the .env file.

What if you want to provide your own Reverse Proxy / TLS termination?

You can opt out of using caddy and use another webserver of your choice, just don't include it in the COMPOSE_FILE list. In this case you have to take care of the SSL termination yourself and map port 80 to the seatable container directly.

  • spaces in the COMPOSE_FILE
  • activate logging (gehört hier nciht hin.)

collabora: expire time zurücksetzen für hosting discovery durch .env parameter.

onlyoffice und collabora brauchen offene ports. security header sind wichtig.

-- weitere häufige probleme:

  • PLUGIN_REPO_ID ist leer, deshalb können plugins nicht installiert werden.
  • superuser neu setzen -> gehört unter maintenance
  • license is wrong, seatable startet nicht.

Das backup script muss schöner gemacht werden. -> cronjobs...