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Introduction to SeaTable Server Installation

SeaTable is the world leading self hosted no-code platform. You can run SeaTable on consumer or enterprise-grade hardware and a variety of operating systems and architectures. The installation always uses Docker and the docker compose plugin. This guide outlines the installation process for SeaTable Server (Enterprise and Developer Edition) on a Linux OS using Docker.

Our goal is to offer a straightforward installation method that results in a fully operational SeaTable system accessible via HTTPS within minutes. While the steps have been tested on Debian and Ubuntu-based systems, they should also work on other Linux server systems. The installation is executed via the command line as the root user.

Before You Begin: Review the requirements.

You can deploy SeaTable-Server in one of the following topologies:

Single-Node Deployment

  • Easy installation with docker and docker compose.
  • Ideal for testing purposes or smaller teams for up to 100 users.

Start the installation Our deployment approach

Cluster Deployment

  • Enterprise-grade high-performance no-code platform.
  • Maximum performance and scalability for thousands of users.

Read more about Cluster