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SeaTable Server Editions

There are two editions of SeaTable Server available for self hosting.

  • Enterprise Edition: almost no limitation for storage, row numbers and API calls and have advanced permissions and user management features. It is meant for large teams to use SeaTable in both ways. Users can use it in the cloud or self-hosted.

  • Developer Edition: for users that want to use SeaTable as database and heavily using APIs and scripts. The developer edition has no limit on storage, row numbers and API calls, but can support at most 200 concurrent connections to dtable-server.

License and limitation of SeaTable Developer Edition

The services of SeaTable Server (both editions) are released under the following licenses:

  • dtable-web: Apache License v2
  • dtable-events: Apache License v2
  • dtable-server: Proprietary License
  • seaf-server: AGPLv3

SeaTable developer edition should not be used to provide SaaS service or as a part of your SaaS service. Other kinds of usage are okay, including

  • Personal or home use
  • Internal in-house use
  • Collaboration with customers
  • IT projects for customers, as long as a separate server is used for each customer

License and limitations of SeaTable Enterprise Edition

The SeaTable Enterprise Edition is released under a proprietary license. You find the EULA at