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SeaTable Changelog

SeaTable, as a dynamic platform, undergoes frequent updates and enhancements to provide users with the best possible experience. To keep our users informed about these changes, we maintain several changelogs:


For a comprehensive overview of updates to the SeaTable Server, users can refer to our detailed changelog available at SeaTable Server Changelog. Here, they can explore the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes implemented in each release, ensuring they stay up-to-date with the platform's evolution.

Blog with Release Notes

In addition to the detailed changelogs mentioned above, we curate a blog featuring release notes that highlight the most significant changes in each version. This narrative-style format provides users with a concise yet informative overview of key updates, allowing them to quickly grasp the impactful enhancements introduced in a particular release. You can explore our blog at SeaTable Release Notes Blog.

New API Calls

As the SeaTable API evolves to meet the changing needs of our users and developers, we document all new API calls and changes in our API Changelog. This resource, available at SeaTable API Changelog, provides developers with insights into the latest API updates, enabling them to leverage new functionalities and enhancements in their integrations and applications.

Extra Upgrade Notices

In addition to general changelogs, we provide specific upgrade notices containing changes relevant to administrators. These notices highlight critical updates, potential impact on system configurations, and any necessary actions to ensure smooth transitions during upgrades.