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Clean Database

Clean Database Records

Since version 1.2, we offer a command to clear records older than the retention period in the seatable database (the default database name is dtable_db).

$ docker exec -it seatable /bin/bash

$ python-env /opt/seatable/seatable-server-latest/dtable-web/ clean_db_records

The following tables will be cleaned:

Database table Table description Retention period
activities Aggregated log (based on operation_log) recording row creations, modifications, and deletions > 30 days
delete_operation_log High level log (based on operation_log) recording all row deletions > 30 days
dtable_notifications User notifications inside the bases > 30 days
dtable_snapshots Snapshots of bases that are not store in dtable-storage-server > 365 days
notifications_usernotification User notifications on the home page > 30 days
operation_log Low level log recording all operations > 14 days
session_log Low level log recording all user sessions > 30 days

Database Backup (optional)

Before running clean_db_records, you can make a backup by a shell script. The following tables with many records will be excluded:

  • operation_log
  • delete_operation_log
  • session_log
  • activities

Example of the backup shell script´╝Ü

set -e
db_host='<IP address of database>'

echo 'Start backing up the database'

mysqldump -h$db_host -u$db_user -p --opt $db_name \
  --ignore-table=$db_name.activities \
  --ignore-table=$db_name.delete_operation_log \
  --ignore-table=$db_name.operation_log \
  --ignore-table=$db_name.session_log \
  > $backup_dir/seatable.sql.`date +"%Y-%m-%d"`

echo 'Database backup succeeded'

Run the shell script:

$ ./
Start backing up the database
Enter password: xxxxx
Database backup succeeded

Clean operation_log records more efficiently (optional)

When the base is modified, dtable-server automatically saves it to dtable-storage-server every 5 minutes. In order to prevent dtable-server failure before the base is saved to dtable-storage-server, resulting in base data loss, every time base is modified, an operation log will be recorded in the operation_log table.

Therefore, for large instance, the operation_log table tends to be very large. Since version 4.1, we offer a more efficient and reliable command to clear the useless data in the operation_log table three days ago. You can add a cron job to run the command every day.

This command has two advantages over the above command:

  1. It will make sure all pending operations be applied to the base before clearing the logs.
  2. It will clear the logs in small batch, avoiding consume too much database resource in a short time.
$ docker exec seatable /opt/seatable/scripts/ python-env /opt/seatable/seatable-server-latest/dtable-web/ clean_operation_log

Last update: September 11, 2023